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Flu vaccine message for parents and carers


 important message for all parents of children aged 2-12  

 The Flu vaccine is available in school for all children in reception to year 7. COVID-19 will be co-circulating with Flu this winter. To protect the young, elderly and vulnerable in our communities all those eligible for the Flu Vaccine are encouraged to have it.


Your child has been invited to take up the nasal spray flu vaccination. This year, as well as the nasal spray there is also a gelatine-free injectable option, as we recognise that gelatine used in the manufacture of the nasal flu vaccine is a barrier for some parents. If you’d like to opt for this version instead please bear in mind that it may not be as effective as the nasal flu spray and is subject to availability.


If you opt for the flu injection please complete the consent form as normal.  On the consent page, select ‘No’ to the nasal flu and you will be given the option of the flu injection.


Please respond to your invitation for the vaccine by completing the consent form that’s been sent from school, so your family can be better protected this winter.



Links: More details, including information in differing languages, is available at