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Happy Lunchtimes

At Townlands, we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our pupils so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Therefore, we want to make sure that children have a happy and enjoyable lunchtime.


We have a number of different zones for children at playtime and lunchtime including the use of the conservatory. Children have the opportunity to go into the conservatory where they can use the reflection area and read a bible, or chat with their friends or play a board game or jigsaw.  If children want to, they can go and get a book from the library to read either in the conservatory or a bench in the playground.


On the playground our sports coach supports children with their football skills.  We also have table tennis, badminton and skipping as an option for children to play. In the zone there is a different activity that takes place daily there is only one rule for playing, which is ‘of course you can.' We also have the gym area, trim trails and climbing frames on all the playgrounds.

Every half term a group of children are chosen by our Midday team to sit on the table of the half term, they are invited by formal invitation. This is an extra special table which is decorated with a table cloth and napkins and the children have treats such as crackers and party hats. The children are invited if they have shown excellent manners, kindness and respect for others.