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History of our school

When Thomas Green succeeded to the Baptist Church in Earl Shilton, in 1801 he set up the villages’ first school, focusing solely on reading and writing but also to receive the elementary knowledge of the Christian faith.

In 1850 John Green became the master of the school. This school kept going until 1858, until the Church of England schools were built. The Church of England Schools had room for 200 children and cost £1,050.00 to build, the money being raised by subscriptions and grants. One school stood in the High Street and another in Wood Street.

In 1871 Wood Street (voluntary controlled) Infant School opened for around 30 pupils.  The first headmistress was appointed: Miss Witnall. Wood Street Infant School was a very small school with only 2 classrooms. In 1907 the school grew with the addition of 2 extra classrooms and a corridor to meet the needs of the village expansion which had led to overcrowding at the existing school.

By 1965, numbers had risen to such a degree that they used the church hall for school dinners, physical education, music and movement. Shockingly, Wood Street Infant School was partly burned down in the early hours of 17th January 1984, following a break in. Children had to be taught in temporary accommodation until Townlands C of E Primary School was built to meet the growing demand for primary school places.

The original part of Townlands C of E Primary School was built in 1988 and added to over the years. In 2013, the school benefitted from the addition of an additional two classrooms and a hall extension to enable more pupils to be accommodated. The school has also been adapted from its original open plan design with a major refurbishment that added corridors and a much needed modern upgrade.  Hard play areas exist to the east and south of the main block. A playing field lies at the southern end of the site.

In 2016 the Early Years classrooms were refurbished to accommodate the school growing from a one form entry (30 pupils per year group) to a two form entry (60 pupils per year group).

In January 2015 the school converted from a voluntary controlled school to a single academy trust, becoming Townlands C of E Primary Academy.

In 2017 there was a further four block additional classroom built alongside an updated outside area to meet the needs of the growing school.  The school has also benefitted from investment to improve the outdoor learning opportunities including: an outdoor gym, conservatory, trim trail, adventure climbing frames resulting in improved learning opportunities for the children outdoors.