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Ukraine conflict information for parents

Given the recent high media coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we are attaching a BBC link for any parent/ carer who would like to research more about supporting their child with any concerns. In addition to this as a preventative measure, there are steps we can all take to limit the impact on children;


Such measures might include;

  • Being aware of the extent of misinformation circulating on social media- WhatsApp. tick tock, Facebook, snapchat etc
  • Discussing with children how they are using their technology/ screen time 
  • Limiting exposure to news on radio/ tv/ social media
  • Being mindful of the content of adult concerns and conversations in the presence of children
  • Focussing on/ discussing the positive things happening in the world and locally
  • Discussing plans and events for the children to look forward to in the coming weeks and months

At Townlands, we are taking active steps to develop a range of high-quality experiences to enhance and enrich your child's journey of learning. Additionally, our school continues to be increasingly mindful of supporting the emotional wellbeing of our children, with our dedicated pastoral team continuing to work hard to ensure any support needs of children are met in school.